Saturday, July 02, 2005


Wiki Leadership

My study of the wiki phenomena seems headed for a one word summary, leadership. If leadership is about getting teamwork done, of drawing others into effective action, then wiki work is a fine training ground for the needed attitudes, habits and practices.

My review of key wiki developments can be found at 123 Wiki.

Wikis are just one part of an overall vision for problem processing, but they provide a unique application for collaborative work at the Evoke stage. Their different perspectives serve each of the LEAP stages. Many wiki projects have advanced to the point of having respected information for the Look stage, which grows their perception as outlets for the Publish stage. Their edit history tracking and comments provide feedback for the Assess stage.
Hey this blog is not about change management

I have been doing hours of research on "change management" and it brought me to your blog on Wiki Leadership. Anyways, Bob Houghton I was reading your blog and I think it is really cool. It’s really a pleasure reading your posts! Keep up the great work.

Keep blogging away :-)
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