Saturday, July 14, 2007


Flatworld Processor

Entrepreneurship Mashups

Concept: given the host of web 2.0 composition tools and resources on the net, the potential exists to create entrepreneurship processors for composing a new business. Since the concept of "The World is Flat" is only marginally realized, aggregating mashups at higher levels accelerates the world's capacity to add value to its systems. Doing so makes the highway to flatworld more inclusive. The question is fairly straight forward. Given a set of steps or procedures for creating a new organization, whether business or non-profit, what web 2.0 etc. tools match each step?

As there is no magic formula, there are many sequences that can work, just as there are many recipes for a good meal. Elegant recipes turn out great meals in the fewest possible steps. So, the challenge is on - to design and create a set of elegant processors for startups and beyond.

Let's coin a phrase:

The Flatworld Processor

  1. Define/describe and name the entrepreneurship process.
  2. Attach Web 2.0 features to as many steps as possible.
  3. Attach the process to a social network with a global economic focus.
Challenge: Working this into school curriculum goals and objectives.



Intel-MIT Mashup-in common software!

The XO (MIT's $100 laptop) and Classmate (the $200 laptop from Intel) were competitors. Now the mashup is on. XO is has set the lot size from 1 million to 250,000 at $176 each. Intel will apparently sell their model in any quantity at $200. The new goal is to design code so that programs developed for one will work on the other!

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