Monday, May 31, 2010


Defining the Web

Curt Hopkins wrote a neat posting titled Our Network is Alive seeking a new name for the Net or Web. Fun! The comments from responders so far have included these names: The Culture, emergence, noosphere, consciousness of Gaia, noocortex, metamind, knot, fabric, mesh, nodes, network, iweb, awakening, enlightenment, overmind, reflexive, 
the collective,
 avastent ,
pangeant, media maze, slice, VALIS-Vast Artificial Living Intelligence System, flambango, metaverse, global digital brain, cellular neural technical network, anti-singularity, rhizome, now-now, flutternet, thinkhammer.

Go add your own.

"The Web" seems in a slight lead among these options. Should the name define how it is structured or what it does?

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