Sunday, November 14, 2010


Adobe's Rome for Education

Ah, the promise of Rome - no, not sparkling fountains. Sorry. The goal is an application suite for the full range of the digital palette for 21st century composition and problem solving (see graphic for elements). That would certainly make our fountains of creativity sparkle. Adobe's decided to leave the rarified air of professional design and come after the home/small business/school market with a highly integrated media suite called Rome.

The Rome app includes composition editors for text, graphics, images and animation. A simplified animation editor is huge. I can also see a way to insert video and audio, but there is no evidence that I can yet see that it includes an audio editor (features from their Soundbooth would be nice). So it doesn't offer a challenge to GarageBand. I see nothing yet for a video editor (features from their Premiere would be nice). So, no challenge for iMovie. Or have I just not found those Rome tools yet? It does not include live collaboration tools (features from Adobe's Connect 8 would be nice). So, no challenge for FaceTime and iChat. There is no 3D app. But if this startup gambit is successful, they clearly have the audio, video and collaboration apps to trim down and insert into Rome. The game has gotten more interesting but Rome does not yet offer the full range the 21st century digital palette.

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