Saturday, December 24, 2005


Free Wireless-Towards Ending the Digital Divide

Very inexpensive mobile computers ($100 laptop project) and free software still need the steady progress of free wireless to complete the digital commons. Once done, the CROP education needed to free the economy from the ball and chain of the digital divide has a chance of being effective. Slow but steady progress can be seen.

Maine's Governor is moving aggressively to be the first state to build a state wireless network for its citizens. (New York Times)

San Francisco has an RFP (request for proposals) to make it a wireless city. Google is is just one of the companies that is in line for the opportunity. (

Philadelphia, long past the proposal stage, is confident that the wireless work will be done by the end of 2006 by a company from Atlanta, Georgia. (Daily Pennsylvanian)

Other interesting wireless developments are being tracked as well. (New York Times)

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