Monday, March 22, 2010


Innovations in Image Composition

It's fascinating to watch the doubling of pixels for camera resolution for the same price, making it almost worth while to buy a new camera every year. The innovation curve for image making continues to shoot upward. Keep an eye out for new developments in image creation and comment away with news of the latest changes.
Announced March 22, 2010, quantum dots, a radical new type of sensor for collecting photons, should bring about some giant leaps forward in image quality for not just cell phones and other still image cameras but video cameras as well.
Quantum dots has a number of greatmarket applications in mind.
Very cool. Animations that explain how quantum dots work.
Here's a great site on new image technology.
Here is an article on advanced image manipulation .
Here is a website on Photosketch Picture Software.
might be great stuff
Interesting article on use of digital photography to preserve literary history. Wall Street Journal.
Here's a cool Site about cell phone cameras.
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