Friday, June 10, 2005


PR Harmonizing

A critical factor in community problem solving is listening and remediating ideas. Remediating? Habermas would call it harmonizing. Humans have an amazing capacity to hear and see what they expect, not adjust to what really is. Stereotype thinking infects us all. Nora Carr makes a career of dealing with this as a publication relations (PR) specialist, who keeps a column going in eSchool News, with one eye focused on the "dark side" of media. She recently mentioned this blog and other work of mine as part of her column that can be found here:

For those following the CROP perspective of this blog, Nora makes a key point. "The key to building an effective blog is to view it as a relationship-building tool that will help you engage your stakeholders in new and important ways." Solutions to real problems have to begin and end with mutual agreement and understanding about many things.
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