Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Partner Blog and Web Page Designs

A "partner" blogsites parallels a standard web page so that sections of a web page essay can have a place that allows commentary and feedback on its sub-sections. Consider the similarities. Blogs are generally thought of as a collection of periodic postings organized by date, each posting its own topic that does not necessarily directly relate to the last. An essay or any large document is also a collection of headings or sub-topics but organized by sequence so that each sub-topic follows from the last to form a coherent whole. Here's an example of a blog organized as large document or essay.


See the sidebar link in the above blog site which connects to its parallel as a web page. The web page in turn has a link to its blog site. At the blog site readers can use the comments link to discuss each section. The author or authors of both sites having the passwords to both would keep these two parallel, building on the feedback and re-weaving it into the section of the web page essay and re-editing the original blog posting. Revisions to the web page would come after consensus formed in the posting at the blog site. The web page provides a streamlined printout or reading without the distractions of the comment and date data. The web page also provides more secure control of the developing document than with a wiki, but slows down the evolution of the more comprehensive document. The comments section of the blog provides a way to track, remember and negotiate each heading section of the document. This has interesting implications for group editing of policy statements, manuals, and grant and curriculum development.

It would also be possible to create a troika, a three way partnership of blog, wiki and web.

I will post other examples of these tandem and troika concept as I have them.
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