Thursday, March 15, 2012


ChronoZoom - wow!

ChronoZoom combines thinking from many of our content areas. It is a Web site as application, a new form of digital story telling, a history of everything timeline, a cross linking of the humanities and sciences and currently the first stage of a global community composition project. It is not completed, but it is far enough along that the project is seeking feedback:

It is a classic example of the power of melding different elements in the digital palette, so far including: text, 2D animation, images from photos to complex layered almost infinitely zoomable graphics, audio, video, programming and different levels of interactivity.

Here's a short news clip that gives a quick overview of its major concepts,

Alvarez is a character of international renown in science and how he served as catayst for this project is a fascinating backstory (including good short video clips),

The original designer,Roland Saekow, provides an enthusiastic and articulate overview (3 minutes).

Professor Alvarez in tandem with Roland Saekow, give a 20 minute science-history lesson using ChronoZoom.

What do you think of ChronoZoom?

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