Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Online Live

Increasingly our computers and smartphones are becoming the centerpiece of handheld, desktop and room-sized communication studios where we communicate our ideas, our personality and our 21st century digital literacy in a live setting. Webcam videoconferencing and microphone audio conferencing are a growing part of the social fabric of twenty-first century living which adds new elements to our social skills.

Many webcam users are not in ideal lighting situations. Be on the lookout for some of the newest webcams which come with one or more LEDs to raise the light values of the presenters face. Search for "webcam light" to find specific products. The example on the left can be found at LightInTheBox.

For more, read Communicating Online Live: Best Practices.

Although webcams have been a great benefit in helping people to meet and communicate without being in the same location, I have noticed that there are a lot of distractions such as the poor lighting factor that cause me to pause when using webcams. I have noticed in the past when speaking with other students in graduate classes using webcams that I sometimes become distracted by things in the background such as a tv or a something moving. Although these are minor things, I think they are things that we need to be aware of especially if you are conducting an online interview or meeting.
I have also noticed that I am not as confident when using a webcam as I am when speaking directly to someone. I become somewhat camera shy. I expect that this is probably something that many people experience. I am not sure how to overcome it, but I expect with more experience, I will begin to become more comfortable with the process.
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