Sunday, October 29, 2006


affordable digital literacy for the rest of us

Two major projects accelerating low cost digital literacy options are scheduled to hatch in January 2007. One is from a major computer maker and one is from a major open source team.

To track Apple's release of their chameleon like device which may play video, music, have keyboard and work with wi-fi and cell phone wireless, search Google news for iPhone. A version of it may go for free for a long term cellphone contract.

To track OLPC's progress with the $100 laptop, skim Bender's weekly reports and archive at
I visited the site which showed a picture of this amazing laptop. It looks so hi-tech yet child friendly and the concept behind the laptops for children around the world living in remote areas is amazing. This project has the potential to link children across the world and provide some great learning opportunities. I wish we could expand the laptops to classrooms around the world!
Affordable would be nice. Although after reading the reviews the iphone might not be at the front of the pack for long.
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