Sunday, April 09, 2006


High Bandwidth Education

High Bandwidth Education is an online multimedia article that explores the nature of fast computer networks and their relationship to K-12 education and to local communities. Internet2 is the first national and international high speed system, but regional and city groups can design and build their own high speed networks and may or may not choose to link them to I2. Internet2's global reach, many free resources and accent on high quality video and multimedia will be a great incentive to connect. Your feedback and thought on this essay and its issues are appreciated. Please use the Comments option to contribute.

To participate in a future audio or videoconference on this article, please send your email address and interest with the email subject heading of I2 videoconference to When sufficient interest accumulates, a proposed date will be sent. The event will use Internet-based conferencing software to draw the group together. Participants will need an Internet enabled computer and a headphone set with microphone.
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