Tuesday, January 03, 2006


solving the PC accessibility issue- the Google PC

InformationWeek ran a story about numerous press reportings addressing Google in secret negotiation with Walmart about selling a Google PC.

It could easily be a rebranding of the MIT $100 laptop design that Quanta will be making but others see signs that it will be a specialized design for searching, not for running other applications. Put this in the class of a hot rumor, but still a rumor until Google and Walmart confirm it is true; at the moment they are denying it. Though co-founder Larry Page spoke this Jan 6, 06 to the Consumer Electronics Show, he said nothing about this, but was pushing GooglePack and Google Video, both free hot options, for those who have computers and net access. So for now, Google is growing its reputation as a creator of innovative software. Yahoo has countered with its own collection, http://go.connect.yahoo.com/go/pc (Yahoo Go Desktop). Gotta love the competition. I'm thinking the rumor will stay a rumor as MIT is a year away from having a manufactured product as even a prototype.
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