Saturday, October 23, 2004


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This was great fun! Can you hear the crunch of the damp leaves along the river bank? Resting on the warm river sand, I could shoot upwards at low hanging branches, capturing backlit fall color against a clear blue autumn sky.

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Fall Paddling and Picture Taking

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Listen to the streams trickling into pools along the river. Paddling down the river, there were many nice places to stop in the warm afternoon sunshine and photograph the rich fall color. Click the title of this posting or see paddle map for a link that goes to a map of the paddling route that was taken below the Dillsboro Dam. The photograph entered yesterday was taken not far from where the paddlers are in this picture.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Mobile Problem Solving Gets Better

This Wednesday, 13th October 2004, the market price leader in PocketPCs, Dell, announced their X50 PDA series. Its outstanding features include Bluetooth and 801.11b wireless capacity, provides an SD slot and a CompactFlash slot, and seems designed not only to handle music downloads but to also prepare the way for a new level of computer graphic display. Cost of models runs 299, 399, and 499.

The CompactFlash slot makes it possible for sensor/probe companies to keep their products viable with the current level of features in PocketPCs.

There is no discussion yet of whether this can be turned into a cell phone via 3rd party cards or installation of software using an internal microphone and speaker.

Monday, October 11, 2004


Combo phone/PDA with cellular & Wi-Fi speeds

Combo phones biggest disadvantage may be their explanation. Their feature set though is here to stay. Mossberg's July 29 piece reviews the basic features of the HP iPAQ h6315. The model seamlessly integrates a handheld computer (PDA) with cell phone. Palms Treo line has been doing this for some time. What makes HP's product much more valuable is the integration of slower speed cellular systems with high speed Wi-Fi networks with wireless data access ($500). Competition soon from Noka and Motorola will hopefully drive this price down.

Combining computer networks with cell phone networks will come in many variations, such as Vocera Communications products which are voice activation only (no keypad).

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